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Top Liquor Store in Somerville

Sullivan Sq. Liquors is the leader in the online liquor market with great customer reviews. Serving dozens of local markets in Somerville, Sullivan Sq. Liquors is one of the most popular online retailers to get your regular and new dose of beer, wine, spirits, and more.  And they provide doorstep delivery. 

What could be better than relaxing at home and ordering a drink? Or enjoying the party without worrying about going out to the local store to refill your drinks stock? 

No matter what you require, whether a single rum bottle or a pack of beers, don’t worry. They have an extensive selection of drinks and work with local retailers to fulfill your orders and delivery. What’s more, they offer amazing deals and discounts on their site from time to time. And you can directly pay online through a secured payment method. So it’s now easy to get your drinks from the comfort of your home. 


Sullivan Sq. Liquors stands out from those currently in the online market because of its huge selection, quality liquor, alcoholic strength, and great prices. It offers a diverse range of the latest brews, vintage distilled liquors, and spirits, including bitters, liqueurs, vintage wines, superior whiskey, and rum that are difficult to find elsewhere.

How to become a successful Online Liquor Brand

Online buying of liquors has seen rapid growth in the past few years. In fact, data suggests that direct buying of alcohol, in the form of wine, has become a $3+ billion a year business. With consumers exhibiting an increased preference for online shopping, the booze business is only booming. There are 3 key points to keep in mind in order to become a successful online liquor retailer.

1. Convenience — local purchases and local delivery.

The comfort of the customers is the key to success. Ease of navigation and ordering is what customers look for while shopping online for alcohol. They prefer popular local stores that offer reliable and prompt delivery services. 

2. Marketplace — differ from the competitors

The online market is flooded with so many brands selling alcohol. To differ from the hoard of competitors on the eCommerce platform, the key focus should be on product availability, distribution, and promotion. This can be done in conjunction with other eCommerce platforms. Think of it as a branded storefront, which takes your consumer to the transaction site at the click of a button.

3.  Brand – connect to customers

Develop a lasting relationship with your consumers. . For this, one needs to drive alcohol consumers to their site and offer a range of digital services and features. You can further engage them with product discounts, easy delivery, personalized support, and a range of other services. Engage current customers and tap new ones.

To drive traffic to your online store requires proper planning, digital and social media support, a vast database, strong customer reach, and more. Connect directly with your customers and develop brand loyalty. 

When it comes to customers, Sullivan Sq. Liquors sure know how to turn drinkers into their loyal fans. Whatever drinks you need, Sullivan Sq. Liquors have the biggest selection of whiskeys, wines for every occasion, choicest craft beers, and more. And if you can’t run to the liquor store, don’t panic, these spirits, wine, and beer apps and sites come right to your door.